Assisted Living and Transitional Care

  • Twenty-Four hour quality care and RN support
  • Medication administration
  • Disease management
  • Intercom system
  • Alarmed exits and video monitoring
  • Three balanced meals and snacks
  • Furnished rooms with wall mounted television
  • Climate controlled rooms
  • Social and recreational activities
  • On site therapy pool and gym
  • Cozy and private setting

24/7 Nurse Supervised Care

  • Accompany clients to follow up visits
  • Monitor Compliance to any new/changed orders
  • Reinforcement of discharge orders
  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring physical and/or mental changes for report to health care team
  • Monitor for cognitive or physical barriers to reaching goals
  • Medication instruction / management
  • Nutrition and Hydration education
  • Post op care including: management of pain, infection, constipation and fall prevention
  • Disease management of chronic disease
  • Medication Consolidation
  • Ongoing assessment for change in condition
  • Care plan individual risks for re-hospitalization
  • improvement of client outcomes
  • improved satisfaction of clients and their families

Nurse owned and operated

Experienced in Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Disease Management

Relationship with Medicare certified home care agency

Short Stays or Long Stays

Respit Care

Post Hospitalization Recovery

Post-Op Care

100% barrier free home

Rehab stays