Pax et Cura is Latin meaning “Peace & Care”

Quality Assisted Living and Rehab Facility in Grand Rapids, MI

Client-Centered Care

Assisted Living Rehab Facility

Our clients and their loved ones are partners on our team. Our team is trained to care for our clients not only from a clinical perspective, but spiritual, emotional social, and mental perspectives as well.

As part of your team, we greatly appreciate your feedback! Ongoing, active collaboration will allow you to remain in control throughout your rehab journey.

We value the role your friends and family play in your life. The multiple common areas and private rooms available at Pax et Cura are meant to encourage and accommodate the presence of your loved ones.

During recovery and rehabilitation times, residents often feel as if they are powerless as they are being told what they can or cannot do. We have structured our home to give that power back to our residents. For example, we strive to allow residents to choose their meal times, what they would like to eat, whether they prefer a shower or bath, group activities or alone time, etc. We want our residents to feel as comfortable as possible in our home, so we have created numerous open spaces for families and friends to gather in. 


We make time to care and understand each residents personal needs.